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Founded in 2019, Fort Worth Music Therapy Fund provides Music Therapy Grants to individuals seeking music therapy services and Internship Scholarships to music therapy students completing an internship as part of their course requirements for an accredited music therapy program.

Why we do it

In the state of Texas

Music therapy services are funded in a few ways:

01. Health Insurance

Health insurance companies occasionally cover music therapy. When covered, it is almost always considered out of network. This means that individuals often have to meet high deductible costs before even beginning the fight for coverage.

02. Medicaid Waivers

Texas Health and Human Services currently covers music therapy services under two Medicaid waivers: CLASS, for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities, and YES, for youth with emotional and behavioral needs.


Many wait more than a decade to receive Class waiver services

03. Out-of-Pocket Pay

Because insurance coverage is difficult to obtain and waivers have long interest lists, many people are forced to pay out of pocket for their services. This causes financial strain that often forces families to choose between therapies.


Fort Worth Music Therapy Fund

Fort Worth Music Therapy Fund was founded to support individuals, families, and facilities so that they do not fall between these funding gaps.

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