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About the Scholarship

Fort Worth Music Therapy Fund provides Music Therapy Intern Scholarships to music therapy students completing an internship as part of their course requirements for an accredited music therapy program.

Each Internship Scholarship:

  • is $2,500
  • is paid directly to the music therapy intern
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This scholarship is open to music therapy students from Texas universities. Applicants must have been accepted into an internship program with a board-certified music therapist. Any intern who is current on the date of the application deadline is eligible to apply. ​Note: awards will be distributed after recipients start their internship.

Applications received on or before February 28 will be reviewed in March.

Applications received on or before August 31 will be reviewed in September.

Apply via any of the following options:

Online Application

Complete an online application through your browser below. Upload a reference letter, or have them send directly to

Email application

Email a completed Intern Scholarship Application PDF and a letter of reference to


If you need specific accommodations to apply, please contact FWMTF directly at ​

Online music therapy intern scholarship application


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